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Snacky Oven      3 Ovens in 1
Stainless steel

Size of trays : 460 x 660 mm
dimensions :
Width : 780 mm
Depth door closed : 1200 mm
Depth door opened : 1765 mm                 Call for Pricing  
Height : 625 mm                                        (714 ) 437 7143
Electrical power max : 18,2 kW
Grill heating power : 4,7 kW
Deck eating power : 3,2 kW
Convecting heating power : 9,9 kW
Weight : 137 kg.

Oven is Available in Different Sizes.  Call for information
(714 ) 437 7143

Modular Deck Ovens 
Electric or Gas
Electric  Oven specs
Stainless steel inbox
Swing up Door                        
Direct Electric heating
Very fast rise in  Temperture Aprox  30  minutes
Maxium Eveness of Temperture over the whole baking surface, thanks to the metal masses in the chamber
Transverses heating elements specially designed for controlling the evenness of the temperture and eliminating any drop in temp. at the crown.
Powerfull temperture holding capability in the regulation phase resulting in substanial energy savings.
Each Module has a steam evacuation system electronically controlled by push button
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